Christmas Orders 2019/20

Welcome to Ron Reeve Butchers Christmas page 2019. We are pleased to offer an online Christmas order form for our customers. We have many products available, but to assist you, we have detailed a selection of our most popular and frequently ordered items (i.e. Three Bird Roast, Stuffed Turkey Butterfly and Rolled/Boneless Turkey Breast) under our boneless meat chart and whole turkey sections below. If you don’t see what you are looking for (e.g. fillet steak, beef rib on the bone, beef Wellington, geese, ducks, large chicken, venison, pheasants and deli products), please drop us a message through our simple contact form and we will respond by calling you back.

It is important to note that exact prices are impossible to provide in advance. In order to help you make your order and to get an idea of the cost, we have provided example weight tables with approximate prices. Please remember exact prices may vary on the day, however the price per kilo will not. Should the price be a little more than the guide price as stated below, this is because you will have more meat. (Please note that if we are in doubt we will allocate a larger piece, rather than a smaller one.)

Many people get Boneless Turkey Breast (what supermarkets call a crown) confused with a Turkey Crown. A Turkey Crown is actually the breast of the Turkey remaining on the bone. Boneless Turkey Breast is by far our biggest seller and a repeat order item (along with the 3 bird roast). Boneless Turkey Breast is available from 1kg (single breast) up to 6kg (double) or bigger if you wish.
Pigs in Duvets are sold frozen in packs of 12 (we recommend you cook them from frozen) and yes, you do need to order them!
You do not need, nor will we take orders for sausages and bacon. This includes chipolatas and cocktail sausages. We keep a record of previous year’s sales and we always have plenty available. Please note that due to time and storage space we only offer our traditional pork sausages, chipolatas and cocktail sausages at Christmas. Should you require any of our other flavoured sausages, gluten free sausages or other flavoured sausage meat, we recommend you visit us personally in early December, buy your chosen product and freeze them at home.

Our recommendations within the Weight / Options drop down selections below are based on 8oz (230g) of raw weight, per adult portion. For example, 1.3kg - 1.6kg serves 5-6. If there is 5-6 of you, two of which are children this would be about the right amount to order. However, if you are all adults with a healthy appetite, we would recommend ordering a 2kg joint. The larger weight will also suit you if there are 4 adults and you would like some cold the next day.

Please note that the orders for Rolled Rump, Gammon, Pork Joints and Leg of Lamb will be pre-cut and allocated. Topside however, will be cut in front of you, when you come to collect your order.

Turkey Weight Recommendations

We say 5kg serves 10-11 people. If they are all adults with a healthy appetite consider ordering a 5.5kg or a 6kg.

If you are serving 4 people on Christmas day and another 4 people for Boxing Day order a 4kg.

(The recommended weight is ½ kg per person when ordering a whole turkey.)

You are welcome to place an order for any meat required for the New Year period. If you are wanting to order for both Christmas and New Year, orders should be made at the same time. Please clearly indicate at the time of check out which items are needed for collection during the New Year period (unless of course you will be collecting it at the same time as your Christmas order). A £10 non-refundable deposit is required PER ORDER, therefore if you combine your Christmas and New Year orders, you will only be required to pay one deposit.

Our Deli offers cooked meats, pies, salads, cheese, olives and more! All of our meats and Pies are cooked on the premises, using meat supplied by the butchers in-house. We are also proud to make our own salads, using our own recipes.

For our Christmas ordering, please see below for our Smoked and Unsmoked ham, Salads, sausage rolls and cheeseboards. If there is something that you wish to order, that you cannot see (other cooked meats, pies or individual cheese’s) please state this in the comments box upon check out. We will be happy to add this to the order, and give you a call should we have any questions.

If you would like to order a cheeseboard, please note that we offer a 4 cheese selection, or an 8 cheese selection. Please choose 1 cheese from each numbered section and enter this into the comments section at check out. If you order comes through without this information, not to worry, we will give you a call to discuss.


Special Request  

If you have a special request, or can not find the items you are looking for, please detail
your requirements in the textbox below and click the blue Add to Basket button to include this in your order.

Turkey Options Price
per kg
Weights / Options Qty Approx. Price  
Three Bird Roast
View description
£16.48 £28.00 - 31.00
Stuffed Turkey Butterfly
View description
£14.48 £44.00 - 48.00
Rolled/Boneless Turkey Breast
View description
£14.48 £14.50
Bronze Free Range Turkey
Weight recommendations
£11.75 £47.40
XMAS Packs
View pack details
n/a £30.00
Pigs in Blankets
View description
£14.98 £5.50
Mini Sausage Rolls
View description
n/a £7.00
Beef, Gammon, Pork & Roasting Joints
Topside of Beef £12.98 £14.30
Rolled Rump of Beef £17.98 £19.80
Green Gammon £11.90 £11.90
Smoked Gammon £12.48 £12.48
Leg of Pork £7.72 £8.50
Shoulder/Spare Rib of Pork £7.58 £8.35
Loin of Pork £9.78 £10.80
Leg Lamb £10.28 £24.20
View description
Smoked Ham Joint £17.40kg £52.20
Unsmoked Ham Joint £16.80kg £50.40
Coleslaw £0.80 100g £3.00 - 3.40
Celery, Nut & Sultana £0.98 100g £3.50 - 3.75
Potato salad £0.88 100g £3.30 - 3.50
Curry £0.82 100g £3.00 - 3.50

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Please note:
Serving suggestions are provided as a guide only.
Prices where shown are an approximation, with the exception of XMAS Packs.
Collection date must be specified for orders containing XMAS Packs.
Prices displayed on this website are subject to change, without notice.
tba = To be advised.

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