More Than Meats...

As well as our butchers' service, we also have our very own Delicatessen, selling a varied selection of our own cooked meats, salads, coleslaw and selection of English and Continental Cheeses to mention just a few.

To make us unique from high street chains we work independently, using only the finest sourced produce to create our delicatessen products.

As with our meats, everything is always created to a very high standard, with quality and attention to taste and detail one our highest priorities when making our products.

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Pie Selection

Our Own Pies

Made on the premises using meat butchered and prepared by us with no gristle, fat or connective tissue. We use fresh vegetables and glaze our pies with free range eggs. Available in individual or family size either cooked or to bake yourself at home.

We make Cornish Pasties ~  Vegetable Pasties ~ Cheese Onion & Potato Pasties ~ Steak & Kidney ~  Prime Steak ~ Steak & H.S.B ~ Peppered Steak with Worcester Sauce ~  Steak & Mushroom ~ Chicken ~ Chicken & Ham ~ Chicken & Mushroom ~  Chicken Tikka ~ Local Rabbit ~  Venison ~  Pork Pies ~  Sausage Rolls. ~ New  *Chicken & Smokey Bacon

The most popular flavours are readily available in family size and others made to order.


Mediterranean Flavours

We also offer a range of top quality plain, mixed and stuffed olives.

The stuffed olives come with fillings such as Garlic, Chillies & Herb and Feta Cheese.

To compliment our olives we also stock a very tasty Mediterranean Vegetable Mix and Sunblushed Tomatoes.

Cheeses & Pickles...

Another feature of Ron Reeve's delicatessen is its amazing choice of Cheeses and Preserves.



We keep a large stock of many cheeses and have, amongst others, Stinking Bishop, Traditional Farmhouse, Sheep's Cheese, Goat's Cheese, Smoked Cheeses, Amber Mist Whisky Cheddar, Blackstick Blue, Bowland, Green Thunder, Mexicana, Cheddar with Pineapple, Port Salut, Red Devil, Vignotte, Roule, Black Bomber, Mascapone, Mozzerella, English and French Brie.

We also stock certain cheeses for the Christmas period.

Cottage Pie

Our Own Ready Meals

We have introduced a small range of individual Ready Meals - supplied frozen with heating instructions.

The meals are all cooked and prepared by us on the premises.   Attention is paid to quality using our own meats and only the best ingredients.

          Our present range consists of:

                    Fish Pie - assorted fish - no shellfish £4.05
                    Chicken Curry @ £4.02
                    Chilli Con Carne @ £3.48
                    Cottage Pie @ £3.16 and small @ £2.14
                    Liver/Bacon/Onion/Mash/Peas @ £3.34
                    Faggots/Mash/Mixed Veg @ £3.20
                    Traditional Beef Stew/Spuds/Beans @ £3.60
                    Pork Sausages/Onion Gravy/Mash/Peas @ £3.12

       To add your own vegetables:  
                    Sliced Beef in Gravy  @ £2.60 
                    Sliced Turkey in Gravy @ £2.50
                    Sliced Pork in Gravy @ £2.60



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