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Ron's Kebab

For The Perfect BBQ

For many years now Ron Reeve's Butchers have been creating foods to make your barbecue special.

Using nothing other than the finest of meats and ingredients, Ron Reeve's have worked hard to not only make the tastiest of Sausages and Burgers but have also invented a fine range of Kebabs.

To make choice easy, Ron Reeve's sell their barbecue range of foods in a variety of pre-made packs.

An Excellent Range Of Kebabs, Burgers & Sausages

Ron Reeve Butchers create fine kebabs using the best sourced produce and only the finest of ingredients. The popularity of these kebabs has made them a real favourite for any barbecue and the famous 'Ron's Kebab' has won an award for it's quality and flavour.

The range that are constantly kept in stock throughout the barbecue season are Lamb Kofters, Chicken Tandoori, Minted Lamb Sticks, Mixed Chicken, Peppered Beef Sticks, Chicken Piri Piri, 'New' Three Bird Kebab & the ever popular previously mentioned Ron's Award Winning Kebab.


In addition to our kebabs, we also sell a fine range of Sausages and Burgers. Our Sausages come in Hot & Spicy, Garlic, Apple & Cider, Pork & Leek, H.S.B., Lamb & Mint, Ham & Tomato, Cumberland, Extra Lean Pork recipes, and we sell Lamb, Beef, Pork & Apple and Beef & Cheese burgers. We also make our own Gluten Free Sausages & Burgers.

For any further information on what we can supply, please either phone us on 02392 593633 or email us via our contact page .

BBQ Selection

BBQ Packs for 2016

A Sizzling Selection

All of Ron Reeve's barbecue foods can be purchased separately, but to provide a mix of choice and value for money, Ron Reeve sell a range of barbecue packs containing a varied selection.

They are packed with flavour and are available in three different sizes which are detailed in the lists below.

Pack 1 - 2 Ron's Kebabs, 2 Boneless Chicken Legs in BBQ Sauce, 4 Chicken Wings in BBQ sauce, 4 Assorted Sausages and 4 Burgers of your choice.

Pack 2 - 4 Ron's Kebabs, 2 Boneless Chicken Legs in BBQ sauce, 6 Chicken Wings in BBQ sauce,  6 Assorted Sausages and 6 Burgers of your choice.

Pack 3 - 5 Ron's Kebabs, 2 Chicken Kebabs, 4 Boneless Chicken Legs in BBQ sauce, 12 Chicken Wings in BBQ Sauce, 10 Assorted Sausages and 8 Burgers of your choice.

Pack 4 -
6 Ron's Kebabs, 4 Chicken Kebabs, 2 Lamb Kofters, 4 Peppered Beef Sticks, 8 Boneless Chicken Legs in BBQ sauce, 16 Chicken Wings in BBQ Sauce, 12 Assorted Sausages and10 Burgers of your choice.

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